Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wedding Girl and Wedding Boy

The whole family

Engagement Photo
Flowers from the tables
This was a quick shot HOWARD took. Who says I'm the only photographer?

Well, the wedding was a success. And Wedding Girl and Wedding Boy are married. Should I change their names to Married Girl and Married Boy? I hope all of you who participated had a wonderful time. I would like to thank Jolene for her amazing support and endless shopping. That girl can shop. I think I'll call her Shopping Girl. Ruth, Ora, Hyrum, kids and Judy, Anna, Renae, the Guthries and the guys from the shop - Thank you so much! Christi was invaluable in the kitchen, I didn't even know she was in there until Sunday when someone told me. Thank you. We had fun making flowers. I think I could do that again. Thanks to Sarah for shooting the reception. The pics turned out great! Now I have endless washing to do so I can take back many borrowed things from my amazing friends. Gina, Launi, Susie and of course my Aunt Joanna who had all the amazing tulle and curtains. Didn't it look like a garden? I loved it.