Thursday, August 12, 2010

What? We're done?

Summer vacation is over? Already? I hate schooooool! Okay, not really, okay... really- NOT.

How do you send your kids to school when you know it will be hard on their little blossoming self esteems? But at the same time it will get them the knowledge and social skills they need in the real world.

I am homeschooling two little monkeys, Art Girl and B. We love to create and read and do math in the kitchen. But my older monkeys need more than I can give them. They love the social life, sports, and student council. This year is the first time in like, forever, I only have one school to drive to. It is a little weird and at the same time very natural.

I have some friends who wouldn't dream of schooling at home. I have other friends who wouldn't dream of sending their kids to public school. Where do you fall in this category?

1. I wouldn't dream of sending my kids to public school.

2. Homeschool is not for me. Public school all the way.

3. Eh, Maybe a little bit of both.

I'm in the number three category. Get the best of both worlds. Please comment and let me know where you stand.