Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Show!

Here is a picture of me at "The Best and the Brightest" show in Scottsdale. I had my husband take it to show how cool it looks. I went with the black frame but I rubbed a little gold in the creases. I think they must have liked it because they put it by a door and hung it at eye level. If the picture were a little bigger you could have seen my name tag with my name misspelled on it and NO red sold dot on my card. You can see on the wall behind me that there is also no award ribbon :( But that's okay, they gave the "Best of Show" award to a painting of a travel trailer.

Sheri Dinardi
When I first came in the front door I was blown away with this beauty! It won an "Honorable Mention" and I think the "People's Choice" award.

I can paint like that, I just don't have the time. I was really surprised at the level of talent at a student show. It really was impressive.

Cari Updike
I met this artist first. Her name is Cari Updike, she is from Mesa and lives about 3 miles away from me. Her husband didn't like my painting, but she did. They said that they have been coming to this show for 8 years and this is by far the best show they have seen.

Pris Butler
We both thought the green on this was cool. And a black frame is the way to go.

Nancy Becker
There were several cow paintings. Actually, a lot of western paintings. Is this the 'West'?

Elaine Locati
LOVE, love, love this one! It could have been painted right on the farm in Iowa. So pretty.

Tim Perkins
This painting won 1st place in the oil category.

Paula Stern
I don't care for this painting, but the name was funny and it sold right away for $500. The name..."Seeds of Social Justice". Hmmm... what does THAT mean?
Elizabeth Pollie
THIS painting also sold right away. It is Peeka's favorite. It is 20x20 and it sold for $3000!
Jon Francis
THIS... won "Best of Show"! What!?! I rest my case. Because right next to it was the best piece in the whole place.
Sheri Dinardi
Several people were just standing around it staring the whole night. I am surprised it didn't sell at $2900. I would have gladly paid that...if I had an extra $2900 laying around that I wasn't using. If you are in Scottsdale and you want to see some good art, go to the Scottsdale Artist School.