Friday, March 12, 2010

Old kids, cookies and stitches

I have been goofing off.

Married Girl turned 21. I know, it's very very wrong. But, you either get older or you die and I would hate for her to die .. so I guess I will have to live with her getting older. Anyway, she LUURRVVES Christie Repasy and wanted me to buy a print from her but I is broke.... and cheap. So I just painted her one myself. It's not perfect, but it cost me only about 10 dollars and my daughter LLUUURRVVVES it because I made it just for her. And I had fun, it only took me 8 hours. If you want a painting like this one, go to Christie Repasy's website and order one. She has tons to choose from and they are all beautiful.

Then Peeka decided we need to make more cookies. We have a really good cookie recipe. It is so perfect that the only thing you could do is make them bigger. Bigger is good...mmmmm. Unless the bigger parts are on my body and they are jiggly and I can't zip my jeans. Then, bigger is bad. (Pay no attention to my dirty pan.)
Saturday night I was getting ready for a church meeting to see an apostle and I heard this blood curdling scream. Yup, sure enough, blood and guts were everywhere. Well, not guts, but I couldn't go to my meeting and I spent the entire evening in the urgent care getting stitches on my baby Fifi. Then, yesterday when I went to the dr.'s to take out the stitches, Fifi fought so much she ripped her skin back open and I had to take her to the plastic surgeon's office and get him to fix it. He is so sweet. He did his very best with a screaming, squirming, fighting three year old. When we were on our way out he said, "Give it a year to heal and we will see about that scar." YIKES! Poor baby.

Needless to say I have been a little busy.