Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love it out here

I love the light out in the North American RAIN FOREST, otherwise known as Nauvoo. It is always soft and cool.

Case in point: Water + shade = Cool pictures!

In Arizona we rarely ever have rain so we don't have streams or shade. Out here in Iowa it rains almost every week and this year it has rained nonstop since April. Some of the farmers couldn't plant their crops, it was just too muddy. Have you ever seen a tractor stuck in the mud? Me either but I bet it is not a pretty sight.

So if you are in Hot-izona, find some shade for Pete's sake and shoot away!

There are some tricks to shooting in the shade. You need a large aperture lens. Mine is a 50mm 1.4. Then, you have to boost up your aperture and slow down your shutter speed- you may even need a tripod but it is way worth it. I used a rock wall but I still was a little shaky.

Now, go try this at home.