Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's over. Our perfect summer is over. The summer was absolutely wonderful. The weather was amazing. It averaged 74 degrees. The land was beautiful and peaceful. It looked and felt like we were in the English countryside. Now I know why I never run into people who have moved to Arizona from Iowa. The local Iowans would tell me that Arizona is a dry heat. Yeah, I guess it is, but dry comes with a no trees, grass, and ponds.

Goodbye, creek that ran through our farm.

Gone are the rolling hills with horses running freely through the meadows.

This was the view across the street from our church building. Just gorgeous.

No more fishing. Not like we ever caught anything, anyway.

Goodbye obscenely large front yard. Okay, it is really a field of soybeans - just beyond that row of trees, but it was still beautiful. And large.

Goodbye wonderful walks in the woods. Out in Iowa they don't call the woods "woods". They call it timber. I thought "timber" was what you yelled after you cut down a tree.

We will miss you, scenic park and pond. Is this not the most beautiful place you have ever seen? Unless, you have been to England ...then you saw it there.

This is the road home. Back to reality, dry dirt desert, hectic schedules, competition, money worries, and 112 degree HEAT! I love the country. We had the most wonderful, perfect summer.