Monday, June 29, 2009

A little rain never hurt anybody

In the Midwest in rains. June is usually the rainiest month from what my farmer tells me. As soon as it stops my little Bee goes out for some fun.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Here comes the delightful rain dance of a six year old...

Splash, splash...

Kick, splash...

JUMP!!! Now you have seen the dance. Go and practice at home. I want to see it perfect at the next rain dance recital.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This originally was a painting blog

I did this new thing called "painting". You take a piece of wood and you slap this gooey paste all over it and then you put paint on it...or something like that. (Oooh, cute ear.)

I had Mini Me take an action shot so that you could tell it is really me. Exciting, I know!

Up close you can see the texture of the panel. Looks like linen, but it's not. It is really the gesso brushed on with a 3 inch foam brush. Pretty cool, huh? Aunt Joanna, you want to paint with me? I'll make you a panel just like this one. My Aunt Joanna doesn't paint like I do - she's actually very good. VERY good. She has 6 girls and 2 boys just like me... she doesn't paint anymore. I wonder why?

This is just the first layer or "block in". You are supposed to see the drawing as my paint is very thin and transparent. I love the texture of the panel. I have never made my own panel before. I kind of like it.

Now I wish I didn't have the ink lines all over. I think it looks pretty good for a first layer. Mini Me is so pretty. I hope the finished painting is just as pretty as she is. One thing about the midwest is that it is humid and it takes oil paint several days to dry. Not like AZ where your painting is dry the same day. I have three paintings in the works so I can paint every day.

I'll keep you posted. Or not.

Cereal from a mug

"Keep the doors locked, they blow open."- Hubby

I just ate my breakfast cereal out of a mug. Hey! At least I had a spoon! I think we are bringing a new level of laziness to our family out here on the farm. It could also be that I only have six bowls and one dishwasher that NO ONE will empty.

When I went down to the kitchen to get said breakfast I had to step over a mattress. A MATTRESS on the stairs! I also noticed the kitchens doors were wide open and flies had come into the house. I guess it could have been worse... like frogs, rabbits, or deer in the house. I love the country but there are certain rules, like, shut the doors to keep out the critters. And this rule, keep the mattresses off the stairs.

The other day I slept 'til 1:00...P.M! 'nuf sed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catch up

*WARNING* The post you are about to read is all over the place! Discombobulation ahead!

Okay, I know, it has been a loooong time since I last posted. But, hey, I've been really busy. End of the school year activities, softball games, concerts, you know... all the fun you have when you have a barrel o' monkeys. I also found Facebook and Twitter so I have been spending my free (FREE? hahahah) time on those sites. But I'm here right now. Yeah!

March-nothing interesting. Just sports and stuff. No painting.

April- More sports and stuff, was going to do another contest but I got lazy and ...nothing. No painting.

May- Fun galore! School concerts. Student council elections. Both of my girls that were running lost :( I am so sad for them. Mini Me was in a school play and it was delicious. Did you know two years ago she asked Santa for an agent? She really is talented. She had one of the leads and was adorable. Maybe if you ask very nicely I will post a picture of said production.

Then we had class parties, dance recitals, trips, and all that.

May 21-My oldest turned 22! I know what you are saying, "But he's just a baby!" He is so adorable. I am so glad he is home. If anyone knows a super pretty, adorable, tall, blond, sweet girl my son can go out with please let me know. He is so handsome that he puts himself into a bracket with models, homecoming queens, Miss America's, and so forth. He was dating a girl just like that but it fizzled out. But now he knows what he likes.

May 30- I met JANE SEYMOUR!!! Yes I did. It was at Champagne's in Snottsdale. She was there for a book signing and print signing. Apparently, if you are famous you can sell art. Maybe I should get famous first and then become a painter!

Anyways, we talked about painting, and raising children. I think she liked me. Oh! and she doesn't have any brunette kids just like I don't have any blonds. That wicked gene pool afflicts others and not just me- woo hoo! She is really tiny. Like 5'3" and about 90 pounds. And she is very pretty in real life. I couldn't believe it when I read she was 58 years old. She seriously looks 40. She was very nice and she has twin boys the same age as my Mini Me. And she has the sweetest English accent. I wish I were British so I could talk like that. Maybe I will just wake up one day and start talking with an English accent. I could probably only do it until noon. That would be great!

Later that evening my hubby and I went to the temple for our 23rd anniversary. Seriously! Where does the time go? We had a great time. My present to him was that I would stay married to him another year. (I know- I am generous.) He gave me tickets to see Glenn Beck!

June 2-Saw Glenn Beck. It was awesome. He was really funny. Especially when he dresses up like Paul Revere. Glenn is my secret boyfriend. Did I just say that? Keep it a secret okay? Maybe I should get a Paul Revere outfit for Hubby...hmmm.

Tomorrow we leave for Iowa to spend the summer. We were supposed to leave May 25th, then June 1st, then June 3rd, now we leave June 4th. Yay! I am sooo excited to squeeze my 6 monkeys and Hubby into a car and drive and drive and drive and drive and drive across 5 states to our farm. I love it. Are we there yet?

There -now you are caught up. I promise to post more in the future. Or maybe just a pinkie swear to post more in the future.