Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cereal from a mug

"Keep the doors locked, they blow open."- Hubby

I just ate my breakfast cereal out of a mug. Hey! At least I had a spoon! I think we are bringing a new level of laziness to our family out here on the farm. It could also be that I only have six bowls and one dishwasher that NO ONE will empty.

When I went down to the kitchen to get said breakfast I had to step over a mattress. A MATTRESS on the stairs! I also noticed the kitchens doors were wide open and flies had come into the house. I guess it could have been worse... like frogs, rabbits, or deer in the house. I love the country but there are certain rules, like, shut the doors to keep out the critters. And this rule, keep the mattresses off the stairs.

The other day I slept 'til 1:00...P.M! 'nuf sed.

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