Thursday, January 31, 2013

Art Show Invitation

Hello there people,

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog in 13 thousand years.  Instagram ate my blog and I forgot it was still here.  I'm an artist and that means that I am artistic and that means that I don't get things done.  You should see my closet...on second thought you should not see my closet.  Anyway, I posting now because I am in an art show.  Here is the lovely flyer that was sent to me to shamelessly plug the show.

And here is the painting I have in the show.  
"Grandmother's Hat"

When my mom passed away 6 years ago, I was gifted the opportunity to go through her belongings.  We found this sweet hat, so I put it on Art Girl and took a picture. I think it turned out pretty good.  I also didn't draw it first or anything, in fact, the original photo was much larger so I had to reduce in size from my regular "sight-size" method of painting/drawing. I just hope it doesn't sell at the show because Art Girl really likes it and wants to keep it.  That's the trouble with painting your kids.

Here is the frame I have ordered for it.  Some people might think it is a little "old lady" but I thought if I used a contemporary black frame and it didn't sell, I would have spent a bunch of money on a frame I didn't like so I just put it in a frame I want to keep.  That's how I roll. Plus, I guess I am an "old lady" seeing as I am a grandma now and all.  I just like timeless gold leaf frames. And maybe the frame will keep it from selling and Art Girl will get to keep her painting (until the next show... hee hee).

So, go to my art show at the Northern Trust Bank in Scottsdale.  Let me know what you think, if anyone is still reading my blog.