Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Iowa for Thanksgiving

We are going to Iowa! Yippee! This is the place we are staying at in Iowa. I know, pretty fancy, but property values in the middle of farmland are not as high as say, Phoenix or even Show Low. This place is about an hour and 15 minutes from Nauvoo, Illinois. We will be going to the Nauvoo temple while we are there and seeing old Nauvoo.

This is my bath tub. It's just wrong, all wrong. Now get out, I'm going to take a bath.

Iowa for Thanksgiving. I know, some of you are saying "Iowa? Why are you going to Iowa? Do you have family there? Are you crazy? Are you going to eat your tots?" Well, I know what you are thinking as I have had those same questions myself. BUT, take a look at this house! It is in the middle of nowhere (as much of Iowa is) and there is nothing to do but kick back and relax, go fishing, go swimming, or bowling. This is the conservatory, filled with plants I see every day in Arizona. Oh so very, very wrong.

Unfortunately, we haven't been there in a while and the furnaces are broken. All except one, the conservatory. I am not sleeping next to the pool. I am going to see if the fireplaces will work so we can have some heat. We might all be sleeping in this room. I call "dibs" on the big sofa.

Here is the "pond". That is what the locals call it but it is 9 acres and stocked with Large Mouth Bass. I like to call it a lake. The bass is yummy. There is a boat and turtles, frogs, snakes and little otter type creatures. But I think they will be in hiding because it is 40 degrees out there right now. I just hope there is no ice on the pond.
I didn't show you the wooded part but there are wild turkeys and pheasant running around. I wanted to catch one and eat it for Thanksgiving but the owner said "no hunting". Is it officially hunting if you catch it live and then accidentally take it to the butcher and then eat it for dinner? I'll let you know how that turns out. See you next week.


sheriloraine said...

Ok Morgen... WHEN do I get to come spend a long time here?!?! I vote we take off for the entire summer, paint all day cook yummy food... enjoy the heck out of the natural beauty outside and the gorgeous inside of this MANSION!!.... Ahhh, I hope you dont think I am kidding.... lets book flights! o0o OR I have a better idea... when I get married, Ill move in and live there, and you can come visit me! hmmm... now this has definate possibilities! ;)

Morgen said...

You are on! I say we have a painting retreat.