Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giving a little Love

Hello my blog reading friends. In honor of Valentines Day, I am giving away one dozen cookies. These aren't just any cookies. They are the most delicious sour cream sugar cookies with red hot frosting you've ever had. They come with this cute little box and you can give them away or hide in your closet and eat them all at once like I do... did I just say that?

Anyway, trust me, they are worth the calories.

I made up this recipe when I was about 14 years old and I have been perfecting it ever since. When I was a kid, my mom would bake about 200 of these bad boys and place them on people's doorsteps, ring the doorbell, and run. Yes, my mom doorbell ditched. Where do you think I get it from?

Here's the catch. You have to guess what size diaper my littlest monkey wears. Hahaha hohoho I am diabolically laughing right now. Here's a hint... she wears the same size she wore when she first got these:

Bwah hahaha I love to diabolically laugh. Good luck guessing. Just shoot me an email or leave a comment on my blog by Friday night at 6:00 and I will bring your prize over on Valentine's day. (Sorry, locals only.)

These will be waiting for you, your closet and your thighs will thank you.


Supermom said...

Oh for heavens, sakes. Can't I just get a dozen fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, out-of-this, world cookies because I have validated you. And don't forget I am the first one to reply. O.K. Does she wear a size 2 diaper? Size 2 is my guess. Now I am really laughing because I am participating in something so silly.

Love you,
Happy Valentine's Day.
Supermom, Tamara Larsen

loreen kokaliares said...

This is so dang cute Morgan! I hope I can still get those most delicious sugar cookies of yours. I am guessing she is wearing a size 2. I hope I am right. I would love to put on an extra 5 pounds for those cookies!


hdizzle said...

I'm gonna say size 3.... now bring me some cookies :)