Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Shot a Deer in my Yard!

Yesterday, Art Girl saw a deer in our back yard. So I had to shoot it.

The blue rectangle thingy is our pool cover. Yes, the bushes are a bit overgrown. I just got here. I'll get to it okay?

She just stared at us and didn't know what to do.

"Should I go out the way I came?"

"What is the human thing looking at me with that big black thing on her face? " (Uh, a camera.)

"I think I'll go out that-a-way."

Art Girl was so happy to see it. In Arizona we don't have deer in our yards. I know the rest of you are like, "a deer? Really?" We also don't have four foot high thistles either- yuck!

Here she goes. Sorry for the blur but I didn't have time for settings.

"I'm outta here. "

Out the gate she goes. I like to think of my yard as 'lush greenness' not weedy.

"Bye, you weirdos."

We tried to find her but she ran out into this amazing wooded area. I love Iowa.

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