Sunday, February 27, 2011

What NOT to do in Business

My son sent an email inquiring about a product for sale on a website. The response was hilarious and I thought you would like to have a laugh. Clearly English was not his first language. And remember, Banana is never Apple!

hello friend

paypal also has scam,the buyer receive the parcel but he said he didnot on paypal scam make selelrs worried about the money.these days business is not easy for anybody.

i hjope good buyer and good seller can do business together.although we use western union,but it doesnt mean we are bad seller and dont ship parcel;s. on the contract,we are are very serious in business and want to have longterm business with you, we can also email you some recent shipping every a couple days.

Trust is built as time goes by and not just for a say i m not good ,does it mean we are bad people? we are not bad people and at lease so far we didnt any thing bad to you and we never do you we are doing business for benefiting both sides,hardly for scamming money.

Every penny you earn is important for you and we understand,so the price has been lowest for you so that you can enjoy a good profit at your market and good competition.

The qualtiy is guarranty bvecause only the original count in the market all the time,before and now and future as weell. we have been working hard to establish good relationship although it isn ot easy.the beginnigng is diffuclt but i think the result willl be very good.

if you think every body is bad people,then the world is over in the usa also there are bad people and good people. i m not them so i cannot stop them from stealing money.we are 100% responsible for our sales.Banana is Banana,Apple is Apple,Banana is never Apple.This has been a very serious thing when it comes to the business.

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