Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What do you think?

#7 monkey posing as my 5 year old English immigrant great- grandmother
Louisa Sheen

Drawing I did from the photo of my monkey and the photo of Louisa

Louisa Sheen 1856. Okay, I am the world's worst procrastinator and that is why I have this blog to try and force me to do some painting. I missed the deadline of getting this painting done for my family reunion (sorry Tryons) and now I have the International Church Art Competition deadline looming over my head. Any way, my Dad found this old photo of Louisa herself and I shot #7monkey in a bonnet and plain dress. I wanted to use a straw hat but they are expensive and I just sewed this one in like, 15 minutes. So here is a drawing I did yesterday while Rex eats Chex was getting his hair cut. It only took about a half an hour. Here are the photos (and drawing).

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Judy said...

You are absolutely amazing!!! I'm still wondering what I was doing when they were passing out talents in heaven. I must have been taking a nap or something! You really have been given a wonderful gift. Keep up the great work.