Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are you jealous?

This was our breakfast this morning. Mmmm... homegrown cantalope. I actually just scooped some seeds from a cantalope I had purchased earlier this summer, put them in the ground and here we are.
I had two ripen this morning so we had to eat them. You can't tell, but they were HUGE. We scooped out the one on the right before I could get my camera out. It was good, too.
Here are some more babies out in the garden. I have never had cantalope this good before. I think part of it is that we moved next to a lemon grove where there are lots of bees. Sometimes there are so many bees that the kids won't even go out on the patio. The big wusses. Now, they are happy we have bees. We also have had a good crop of cucumbers, peas, and green beans. Bees, baby. They aren't just for honey.
Here is our breakfast two days ago. They are wrapped around the tomato plants. I know, you are really jealous now aren't you?
Well, since I have to wait a day or two for my paint to dry and I'm allergic to housework, I decided to clean up the garden and get ready for the fall planting. Not all of my backyard is full of weeds. To the left are my two left handed gloves and there is some soaker hose laying around. You have to have soaker hose. So now is the time for you Arizona people to plant your carrots, peas, broccoli, lettuce, corn... you get the picture. Last year we planted only one package of lettuce and we had salad every night for three months and even had some for the neighbors. My kids are getting gourmet on me and they held me down and tied me up and demanded I plant Sugar pumpkins and Buttercrunch Lettuce. Man those rope burns are killer. I will let you see the progress as soon as I get some. GO PLANT!

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Liz said...

Yep, I'm jealous!