Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tall patch of bushy grass

When we moved into our new house we were too cash strapped to put in landscaping and the weeds are gross and out of control and I have spent about $100 dollars on Roundup and I still have monstrous weeds everywhere. Well, if you can't beat 'em... join 'em! Hello weedy backyard. I am sorry I ever grumbled against you.
Yes, this is really my backyard. The shorter stuff in front is Bermuda grass and the taller stuff in the back is Johnson grass. Sometimes I feel like a hillbilly, white trash, weed growin' barefoot mother of eight. Okay, I feel that way all of the time, but now I'm proud of it!
I love Johnson grass. That chair was dang hard to get outside our back door. I think I will plant Johnson grass in our next house's back yard. It sure would be convenient for photoshoots. Oooh... I could plant wheat. That would be cool and be green in the winter.
We shot these on Labor Day instead of going cliff diving like Married Girl, Married Boy, and Rex. They didn't wear sunscreen and got sunburned but we got these beautiful pics. Haha, we won. I would have posted these sooner but our power grid went out that night and blew my computer for a week and my man fixed it all by himself. Like a pro computer guy. My hero.
This one is my favorite. It was almost sundown and the baby was not cooperating and I am lucky I got any of them in focus. I think I will make this one my business card. This just goes to show you that you have to be grateful for what you have. If life gives you weeds, make pictures.


Judy said...

Again great pictures, and what a fabulous attitude!!! Personally I'm still a grumpy all day person!! I've got to change! You are an inspiration!!
Keep it up.

Morgen said...

Whatever! You are never grumpy.

sheriloraine said...

Wow... you are such an inspiring artists. Those photos are beautiful! I wish i had more time... college classes calling... PS I have paint class today! Wahoo!

Princessa said...

well im kinda confused on where to blog. i wanted to write jokes about honore or if u will, hagrid. haha jk. i love that girl. well personally i think ur work needs alot of work. i mean, first off, i was nowhere to be seen in any of those pics and second offly there wasn't much red. those are the two key ingreedients to make a good picture. haha im totally kidding youre amazing mom!! i love your work. u wanna make me hide under a rock and forget about any kind of photography i've ever done. its probably just as hard being on the other side of the camera. your the best mom! p.s. i hope im doing this blog comment thing right. p.s.s. whats for dinner tonight?? chicken salad?? haha

Morgen said...

Princessa... you're speeling needs wurk, AND we had Chinese chicken salad last night and you missed it.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love the use of weeds in your photos! Can't even tell it was in your backyard. Great blog!