Monday, December 29, 2008

He's Home!

Well, my first born man-child has come home at last! We were so excited to see him that we made these adorable posters. One arriving passenger said, " thanks for the sign but my name is not Howard."
I think he looks the same but with more whiskers. Everyone else says he is a little skinny. I think he is perfect.

This is one happy Papa. I got hugged first, but since I was holding the camera at the time there is no picture of me getting a big ol' bear hug.

He hugged everyone and then he picked up Bee and twirled her around. She was the only one he missed. Look how happy he is to see her. She is so big he almost couldn't pick her up. I know I can't.
Here we are in front of the house. It was pouring rain when we left and we didn't get a sign made, so my amazing friend Julie made this sign and put it up after the rain stopped and before we got back from the airport. I think I saw a tear from Homeboy's eyes. That was totally sweet of her. Thank you, Julie. Pay no attention to the weeds or the hose. Please.

Here he is. My College Boy. My life is complete. I love him with all my heart.

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Johnson said...

Congradulatios! Welcome home Howard!