Friday, December 5, 2008

Romantic Living

There is a new online magazine called Romantic Living. Here is their website. I think it is cool that we can use the web to get out ideas and have some fun. They will enter you in a drawing for a beautiful Christie Repasy print if you mention their website on your blog. So I'm mentioning it. I actually met Christie in the summer of 2007. She is sooooooo talented and so very nice. Her originals are amazing and she just cranks them out. She even painted on the walls of her little shop in Laguna Beach. She gave me advice (basically to stick to portraits) and gave me tickets to an art fair and was very generous with her time. I would love to get a free Repasy print even though I already have like 5 or 6. My girls love them, too. So go check out Romantic Living online.

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