Monday, July 6, 2009

Hammes Farms

Last week we went out to our new best friends' house, the Hammes. Pat has a big farm operation and he farms our land 'cuz I'm not getting a tractor and all the stuff you need to farm and he really loves it, anyway. He has some serious equipment, man!

Here is Fifi on the biggest tractor I've ever seen. That yellow thing on her arm is a floatie. She wears them all the time in the hopes someone will take her swimming.

BIG tractor. And Pat has three of them. Apparently he needs three so he and his two sons can all drive at the same time. He also has three or four smaller tractors that I didn't take pictures of because I was mesmerized by the BIGNESS of these bad boys.

Did I mention that the tractors are BIG? Did I ever mention that I used to ride on my Grandpa's tractor with him? Quality time, man...quality time. Maybe I secretly wish I was a farmer. But after seeing all the hard work that is involved in farming, maybe I secretly wish I was a rich supermodel that could eat chocolate and not get fat. Hey, it could happen...

I'm glad I don't have to drive these to farm my land. He sometimes has to plant or plow from 5 am to midnight. He has to beat the weather.

After he grows all the crops he can he has a couple of these to deliver the grains. Behind the truck are the biggest silos I have ever seen on private property. I couldn't even begin to get them in the picture frame. I think he has four or five of them, I can't remember.
So, the next time you eat something, think about our new best friends and be grateful that farmers like the Hammes love their job. I think I'll go and have me some chocolate.

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