Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look out for the train

We just missed the train coming down the track behind us.
Cute pose that was totally unposed.

She was a pill to shoot. Right when we got on the tracks a deer showed up and all she wanted to do was chase the deer into the woods. Like she could catch a deer!

Some random house in the town with a beautiful garden. I thought this yard was so cute and we just jumped out and hurried and shot these pics. I call it Kamakazi shooting. If you don't get thrown out of your location you are just not trying hard enough.

My family looks so big and I am missing 4 people! Love the country!

1 comment:

Supermom said...

How do you do it? Everything you do turns to gold -- I love it! Just hopin' you'll do my fam again!

Love ya!