Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Workshop with Casey Baugh

I just spent the most amazing week with artist Casey Baugh. We was very generous and talented and a great teacher. I learned so much. I can hardly wait to take his workshop again.
He has been in magazines for a few years. Like, since he was 18! This one was in The Artist's Magazine as a demo. His gallery has a page where you can see all the magazine covers he is on. Sheesh, and he is only 26.
Portrait Society of America International Competition award winner.
I think he said he was 17 when he did this one.
My favorite version of "Madame X". He is a genius. I met that model. What 'tude!
Mr. Baugh himself. What a cool portrait. He has a free video of how he painted this on his website here. She? I told you he was generous!
Love it! LOOK at those brush strokes. It looks all haphazard and loose but he plans every last brush stroke down to the last detail. Nothing is left to chance.
This one is so cool.
I love painting tulle. He and I talked about painting tulle and the other guys in the class asked, "What's tulle?" He designs every last detail- even going to the fabric store and buying tulle.
Basically it boiled down to this:
If you were to build your dream house, and you were to put that one special piece of art on the main wall in your living room, what would it be? Paint that. Work hard and plan everything. Spend more time planning than you do painting. And buy Rosemary and Co. mongoose brushes. Thank you Casey!


Lori said...

Morgan, thanks for sharing about your workshop with Casey.

I have known Casey since he was 19 - when he first came to Putney and met Richard Schmid. I own a charcoal portrait he did "Study of a Girl". When he first came to Putney, he had little money, and I paid to enter this drawing into American Artist's cover competition, and it won for Drawing Magazine! glad you had a great time at the workshop.

Momma said...


Good Job! I also took Casey's class with you and loved it. Casey is amazing! You are doing awesome in your art.. You go girl!

Susan Edwards