Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Pioneer Woman

Last week I went looking in the www for a recipe for pioneer beans and I stumbled across this website that has completely consumed all my free (free?) computer time. I'm sorry I didn't post anything sooner. This lady is a hoot! Her website is and you must go there right away. Right now, go. She has recipes, (if you want a coronary bypass) but her best stuff is actually photography. She has step by step tutorials on Photoshop and even has her own free downloadable actions. You can even print your own photos from her gallery for free and she has giveaways- like a Kitchenaid mixer and Photoshop cs3! No lie- free stuff. For free. Anyway, wedding girl has taken over my life and sick monkeys and last week of school... I think I have given you an idea of my crazy life right now. Oh, and #4 monkey got the humanitarian award in her class and #5 monkey got the art award that was given out by the art teacher no less! I love being a mom.

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Judy said...

Thanks for the web site for pioneer women. I went there and got photo tips. Hope you are holding up with the wedding coming up. See you tonight at the Shower.