Friday, May 9, 2008

The start of my Blog

I am going crazy. My daughter is getting married and is falling ill at the same time. Not the flu or a cold ill but episode of "House" ill. We have taken her to neurologist and the ER for CAT scans- nothing. Not that I want there to be something, but we would like to know why she is having fainting spells and seizures. Maybe she is allergic to work. I know I am. So here I go and start a blog. Maybe I'll get some pictures in it, even though my Canon 20d got stolen. (The best camera ever!) That is another story altogether.


Shirley said...

I think that your blogspot is a great idea! I rarely email members
of the family, much less anyone else, but I find a blogspot much more interesting. I'm already finding out things about you that I never knew before. I never knew that you liked to write poetry or that your daughters did, too.
So do I! We will have to exchange poems.

Love, "White Grandma"

Judy said...

Way to go!! It's a wonderful way to Journal and let everyone know what's going on! Keep it up!

Morgen said...

Shirley, thanks for leaving a comment. I don't write poetry but Isaac is really good. I should put something of his up on the blog.