Saturday, June 27, 2009

This originally was a painting blog

I did this new thing called "painting". You take a piece of wood and you slap this gooey paste all over it and then you put paint on it...or something like that. (Oooh, cute ear.)

I had Mini Me take an action shot so that you could tell it is really me. Exciting, I know!

Up close you can see the texture of the panel. Looks like linen, but it's not. It is really the gesso brushed on with a 3 inch foam brush. Pretty cool, huh? Aunt Joanna, you want to paint with me? I'll make you a panel just like this one. My Aunt Joanna doesn't paint like I do - she's actually very good. VERY good. She has 6 girls and 2 boys just like me... she doesn't paint anymore. I wonder why?

This is just the first layer or "block in". You are supposed to see the drawing as my paint is very thin and transparent. I love the texture of the panel. I have never made my own panel before. I kind of like it.

Now I wish I didn't have the ink lines all over. I think it looks pretty good for a first layer. Mini Me is so pretty. I hope the finished painting is just as pretty as she is. One thing about the midwest is that it is humid and it takes oil paint several days to dry. Not like AZ where your painting is dry the same day. I have three paintings in the works so I can paint every day.

I'll keep you posted. Or not.


sheriloraine said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your paintings. Your first layer does look amazing.... I really like your talents. You have so many! I hope your enjoying your vacation! Please keep writing in your blog, it inspires me... maybe I should take out my paints again. Ive been thinking about it!

lteemant said...

It is great to hear what is going on with you guys. Wow - great talent!!


Morgen said...

Sheri, come out here right now! We can eat out of mugs and paint in our pajamas!

jomymother said...

Hi Morgen, your painting is beautiful so far. Thanks for the kind words on your post.

Nitheesh said...

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