Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Got This Idea...

I was cruising through the internet, looking for cool portrait painters and I came across this guy. His name is Phillip deLaszlo. He replaced John Singer Sargent as the portrait painter to the rich and famous. This beautiful painting caught my eye and I wanted to paint it real bad. But I didn't have a bride to paint. Then, the very next day, I received a wedding invitation in the mail. It was fate I tell you...FATE. Then, I ran into the girl's mother at a volleyball game. More fate!
Here's the conversation,
me: Hello mother of the bride, can I paint a portrait of your daughter for a wedding present?
Mother : Uh..What? Are you kidding me? Heck yes!
me: I know your daughter is away at school, but will she be in town soon?
Mother: Yes, she will be in town this weekend.
me: can I shoot her this Saturday?
Mother: Actually, meet us at the bridal salon where she will be trying on her dress and veil.
me: Oh my gosh, that is so perfect!
(or something like that)

Totally perfect timing. Totally perfect model. Beautiful family. Lucky me.
I'm sorry for the blurry photos but I was too tired and lazy to go get my tripod. Her eyelashes are actually longer than this but I was so jealous of them I made them shorter. Not really. Shorter looked a little softer.
Oh, I wish I took a better photo. Her hands really look real. I even painted little blue veins and everything.
Her veil was so much fun. I seriously giggled when I was painting it. My friend is so sweet, she has wanted a painting from me for so long and I haven't done it. I am really blessed that this came out so well and she was so happy. Oh, and the bride was pretty happy, too.
I even painted the frame. I have never painted a frame before, it was a good experience. Okay, no it wasn't, it was a nightmare. Let's just say that I learned how not to do it. I even learned how to use paint stripper.

Pay no attention to my fingers, I was in a hurry.

Anyway, all in all, I had a really good time. They displayed the painting at the reception and a lot of people were really impressed. That made my year!

p.s. If you read this post, please leave a compliment, I mean comment!


Judi Taylor said...

This is so beautiful oh wow I love it! You are so amazingly beautiful at painting! So talented.

Cat Boysen said...

Your name came up because I also am in love with James C. Christensen work. And I am still trying to figure out how he does the crackle affect. Would you tell me how he does it? I would love that.

Your painting of Angels are soooo beautiful!!


Cat Boysen said...
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Recks said...

Cat, Jim said to just follow the directions on the package. You buy Lefranc and Bourgeois crackle kit. You can also Google crackle finish on oil painting and see videos. Good luck.

sheriloraine said...

Gorgeous. So amazing! I vote... you paint me next! ;)

Judy said...

I vote you paint Sheri too!! This painting of this bride is amazing. You have such a wonderful talent. Wow!
Love ya,

The Smiths said...

I would have loved to have seen the real thing. I hope you come up with an idea of a painting you really want to paint right before Makayla gets married.

Morgen said...

Ora, I have an idea of a painting YOU can paint right now!