Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weeds...Part Duex

Mini Me wanted to go out into the weeds and shoot. But, I was too grossed out by the ickyness of these foxtails. Johnson and bermuda is one thing, but FOXTAILS! No way.
So Mini Me took Art Girl into the lot next door and pretended they were in a field of wheat. What were they thinking! There most definitely were scorpions and maybe even a snake!
Mini Me did an okay job shooting Art Girl but look at what Art Girl did.
Remember, Art Girl is only nine.
Drama, cool lighting, perfect fun angles, what talent.
She even followed the number one rule in photographing people, make 'em laugh.
Love it! So, look around you and see if there are any dangerous weedy lots you can shoot in. You might just come up with something like these.


Judy said...

Looks like a lot of Fun!!! I'm curious, how many foxtails did they pick out of their sox's. Oh, silly me, they probably had on sandals. You know how else would the scorpions get their toes!!! Your tea (oops, lemonaid) party looks like a grand time.

sheriloraine said...

I LOVE the fifth picture down on this one... The one where she is looking off into the distance. It is absolutely beautiful! So much talent! I keep telling myself I need to by a camera and start taking artistic photos.... And go visit my aunt morgen ALL the time... this summer I have no life, or more of a life then ever depending on how you look at it. Anyway, I want to come visit you. If you need help with anything I can do that too? Or just a visit. Either way, I love you bunches!

Morgen said...

Come out to Iowa with us. We have the MOST beautiful scenery and I think the farmer planted corn next to us. I can teach you how to shoot.

pve design said...

weeds, my 10 year old would think they were flowers.
when do we start to differentiate?