Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mad Hatter Tea Party

My little B turned 7 years old! What's up with that? Cut that out right now! Anyway, I threw her a Mad Hatter tea party for her birthday. She loved it.
Friends got to dress up like their favorite Alice in Wonderland character. I think she is Alice, or the Caterpillar. I can't tell. Look at her cheesy smile. How cute!
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum came and sang some songs and danced in these hilarious costumes. These two are naturally funny and they were like the comedy act running around the party and causing mayhem. Thanks, Rachel and A.J.!
More older kids dressed as characters creating mayhem. "Off with her head!" Thanks, Lilly.
My own daughter Peeka, dressed as the Mad Hatter. She was the best at creating mayhem. When she walked into the room she demanded everyone applause. It was hilarious!
A.J., Mini Me, and Rachel...so funny. We all had a good time. Ray Jay (as I like to call them) couldn't believe I made such good pizza. The food was good...mmm.
Rachel charming the little one. Fifi doesn't really like anyone so Ray was really proud of herself when Fifi cozied up to her.
Amanda eating cake. I love her super blond hair.
I had to dig up some old pre- marriage tea cups. *No china was harmed during this activity.*
I actually forgot to frost the cake. Kids were showing up and I panicked. Luckily for me I have a sharp mind (laughing hysterically) and threw this wobbly cake together at the last minute. We had to sacrifice a deck of cards for this but I think it was worth it. We also made cake pops but we ate them before any pictures were taken.
Ben did not want to leave. I want to kidnap him. I have been asking him for years and he always says, "no". I never got a blond boy, or a blond anything. Anyway, he almost said, "yes"!

B drinking chocolate milk.
Cake. Yum.
Well, here you have a wonderful Mad Hatter Tea Party. The king and queen had a wonderful time.

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sheriloraine said...

I SO love the cake! What a fun and neat party idea! I am sure it was a crazy fun time! I love all the dressed up characters! I think I might adopt the idea of demanding people clap for me when I enter a room! ;)