Monday, May 17, 2010


The National Oil Painters of America has a yearly members only competition. Then they exhibit this competition at an art gallery. This year it is in SCOTTSDALE at the Legacy Gallery on Main and Scottsdale Road! Woo Hoo!!! I have already been twice. The show runs until May 24th so hurry up and go see it.
This one won some award but I forgot what it was. All of the art is for sale. This one is the most expensive one that sold. It was $4000. For a 24x36 I think it is a fair market price. But most of the sold paintings were under $1500. This recession is really hitting artists hard.

This one is painted by my kids favorite dude, Dan Gerhartz. We go and meet him every year at his spring show. This is a 24x36 and he wants $13,000.
Michael Mao. Very brushy up close. Beautiful. I'm thinking of doing a series of white paintings.
This is a good example of a bad photo. This painting in person just glows.
I love realism. The name of this one is Plain and Peanut M and M's. How cute.
Robert Coombs.
I really want to paint a cow. I think they are so cute.
Again, way better in person. It really inspires me. I think I'll paint one like this of one of my girls in our woods in Iowa. Does anyway have a long satin dress they want to loan me? I won't ruin it with mud and branches- honest.
I love peonies.
$20,000. For reals? I mean, this is a REALLY beautiful painting and all but $20,000?

This one is probably my favorite painting of the show. I am so going to paint this. Can you just see Married Girl in her wedding dress holding her bouquet?

Well, these are some of the highlights of the show. But there is a lot more to see at the Legacy Gallery. Go. Now. If you can't get there in time, or if you have no gas in your car, or you don't want to get out of your pajamas, you can click on this link and look online. Have fun!


sheriloraine said...

All I can say about this is... wow, I REALLY wish I painted more. I need to take a class. "married one" and I actually talked about maybe taking an art class together when we met up for lunch on tuesday. I think it would be way fun! I need to start getting out to museums more too. ANYTIME you go... give me a holler, I want to come too!

pve design said...

I love to know about other artists whose work commands a pricelessness about it.

Morgen said...

Yeah, me too. I kinda think the ones I do of my monkeys are pretty much priceless.

Deborah Elmquist said...

I have just returned from the Sanctuary where Nancy Noel's paintings are exhibited so beautifully. After coming home, I wanted to know more about her angels so I started googling. Low and behold I came upon your blog. After reading about angels, I clicked artists. Was I surprised to see my painting at the top of your blog about the OPA at the Legacy. Since you didn't have a specific comment about my painting, "Sew Many Memories," I wasn't sure why you featured it in your blog. If it was about price, I will tell you that this one came out of a gallery in Naples, Fl and they set the price for it so I had to keep it the same. It has won awards and demands a higher price than some of my other ones that are the same size. Thanks for showing my work.